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BRITA Fill & Serve Mind (Blue)

  • Brand:BRITA
  • Product Code: BT-1025630
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  • HK$468.00

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BRITA Micro Disc (Pack 3)
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BRITA Fill & Serve Mind (Blue)

Color: Blue
The new shape of water – BRITA fill & serve Mind Innovative Water Filter  Carafe provides the best tasting water.

The BRITA fill & serve Mind is always at your side, both at home and in the office. With the MicroDisc with ActivSelect® Technology, the carafe has a built-in activated carbon filter that guarantees fresh water for optimum drinking enjoyment.   

•Total volume 1,3l (funnel volume 0,5l)
•Clever: BRITA memo reminds you when to exchange your BRITA MicroDisc
•Exceptional transparency, high gloss and long lasting life due to state-of-the-art materials
•Light weight and easy to handle
•Extremely shock resistant
•Designed to fit the fridge door


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