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非接觸式前額探熱器 (土耳其)

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 Nimomed Non-Contact Infrared Fever Themometer  (土耳其)

Easy-to-use non-contact infrared thermometer.


Thermometer Manual <---用手機 Google translate, 開鏡頭即時翻釋


Product Features:
  . No touching, no cleaning
  . Easy to Use
  . Fast and precise result
  . High fever alarm
  . Illuminated digital LCD display

  . Automatic shutdown
  . Ability to display C and F


1- Align the device to the middle of the forehead and hold it steadily until you measure at least 20 cm.
2- Be careful not to have hair, clothes, etc. that will affect the fever value on your forehead.
3- If you are coming from a place with temperature difference, wait 2 minutes to measure your temperature.
4- If you are bringing the device from another place with temperature difference, wait 20 minutes to make measurements with the device.


From the date of the purchase invoice, there will be a bad replacement within 7 days (damages caused by accidents, human damage, falls, improper installation or operation for any reason will not be handled) 憑購買發票日期起計, 7日內有壞包換 (基於任何原因意外、人為損毀、跌撞、不正當之安裝或操作所造成之損壞都將不獲處理)

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